How Can A Data Room Help Me With Bookkeeping Virtually

Online document storage and sharing are still a hot issue, as many firms use conventional document-sharing services. However, such a program lacks security, control, and management capabilities, slowing down your productivity and putting sensitive data at risk. At the same time, using a virtual data room can solve most data management problems for any company, including accounting firms for whom confidentiality and control are paramount. 

What are virtual data rooms?

Virtual data rooms are digital spaces that have been in high demand for the past few years as the issue of secure data storage has become a significant concern due to the pandemic and the increased rate of remote work. Companies can face data leakage and its negative consequences by using untested programs to share and store data. Data room immobilier is a unique solution that offers the best security features. They allow you to hold various pages in your space while using effective collaboration, communication, data management, and user control tools. 

For accountants, the ability to store and share numerous sensitive information with their employees or partners in a secure environment is necessary. A virtual data room can be the perfect place to accomplish all of these tasks while simplifying many routine tasks and making your work more productive. 

Key features of VDRs for accounting use

Virtual data rooms are business-oriented tools that can be used in areas ranging from startups to healthcare companies. Not surprisingly, accountants and financiers can find VDR applications in their businesses, too, as the solution offers unique features such as: 

  • Simplified document organization

The accounting department is one of those areas that have the most significant document turnover. Managing large amounts of documents manually is not easy and is too time-consuming. Data Room offers automation features to simplify this process. First, easily upload documents to the space with a single click. All data will be automatically scanned for viruses, converted, and indexed. Then, build your file system and find the document you need in a split second with the intelligent search engine and file preview feature.

  • Advanced control

As space administrators, you can set your level of access to each document for each user dealing with them. For example, you can limit visibility for those who will have nothing to do with the file; for others, you can allow interaction with the document depending on their roles and responsibilities. You can prohibit copying, printing, downloading, editing, and forwarding the copy. 

  • Activity Flow Review

Receive automatic notifications of any updates or changes within the VDR space. Also, you can track user activity and get detailed information, including the time in and out of the space, a list of documents viewed, and time spent inside the paper.

Security Features

Data rooms are online repositories with bank-grade security features. To secure your data, it uses methods such as: 

  • Data encryption – encoding documents in storage state and during transmission

  • Double authentication -protects your password from tampering and unauthorized entry

  • Watermarks – copyright protection, ability to identify the source of data leakage

  • Location and IP address restrictions

  • Remote Destruction -Ability to block access to the document at any time, even if the file has already been downloaded to a third-party device