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Pet Store: Best Dog Sweaters for Large Breeds

A sweater is a warm, cozy product in which the animal looks very funny. This warm clothing perfectly warms on cool days of short-haired doggies who cannot warm themselves.

Best dog sweaters for large breeds are in fashion today, especially, if they coarse-knit, self-made, as well as finished products with intricate patterns, braids, and ornaments. In the clothing store for animals, you can easily find the right model and try it on your pet. If there is no way to come to the boutique with a doggie, you need to know its size so as not to make a mistake when choosing.

Determine the size

It is easy to do this, you do not need to focus on weight, just take three measurements. Perform all measurements on a dog standing on four legs. Measure the length of the back from the neck to the base of the tail, the volume of the dog’s chest and neck in the widest place and boldly go to the store.

When there are measurements on hand, it is easy to order a sweater from the master, for example, by contacting him through the Internet.

DIY warm jacket

For lovers of knitting, even beginners, it is very simple to make this wonderful clothing on their own. Based on the size of the dog, you need to make a diagram of the future product. It is easy to find on thematic sites and forums and adjust according to the necessary parameters. Use new yarn or dissolve some of the old things, experiment, combine colors, it will look cheerfully and fun on a four-legged friend.

However, we still do not recommend knitting a sweater on your own, given that sometimes you can not guess with the size or make a mistake with the yarn. Then the product can cause discomfort to the animal and irritate.

A brilliant idea for a dog sweater

A warm sweater for a dog in the cold season is an indispensable attribute. The most urgent problem is the choice of clothes for small dogs, because they freeze sooner than their breeds of large dogs, and this can cause health complications.

In our online store, you can easily choose fashionable models of sweaters made of natural materials of different sizes for your dogs that meet all hygiene standards. On sale fashionable warm dog sweaters of any breed.

How much should you buy a sweater from us?

To buy a sweater for a dog in PetStore means to be sure that you will bring your four-legged pet a maximum of coziness and comfort.

To order a warm sweater for a dog in the online store will not be difficult: you just need to choose your favorite model, and then place an order.

We have reasonable prices for sweaters for dogs and match the declared quality. The cost of clothing for dogs is formed at a discount to market value. For regular customers, there is a flexible system of discounts.

Buying a stylish sweater for your dog in the PetStore online store is beneficial for the owners and harmless for their pets, and you can be sure that you are buying fashionable clothes for little dogs with the best price-quality ratio.

How to understand that you have chosen the right product

If you have decided on a sweater, dress a dog and do some exercises with it:

  1. Let the dog run from one corner of the store to another. Run the command “give paw” (several times with both front paws).
  2. Ask the dog to stand on its hind legs – for example, beckoning it with something tasty.
  3. If possible, let the dog run up the stairs – from bottom to top and top to bottom.

If during the performance of all exercises the dog behaved in the same way as usual (that is, felt easy and free), then the clothes were chosen successfully.