IPvanish vs Nordvpn

In this article, we will conduct a comparative review of popular VPNs to help users understand the differences between Virtual networks and choose the best one for their tasks.


VPN: how does it work?

A VPN deploys a virtual network on top of your current connection. Thus, all Internet traffic passes in encrypted form through a virtual server. The latter acts as an intermediate point for accessing the desired web resource.

VPNs are recommended for almost every privacy or internet access issue. Using a VPN, you can bypass the blocking of sites by the authorities, the unavailability of content in your country due to the wishes of the copyright holder. You can also increase the security of communications, for example, by working through a VPN from a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Benefits of using VPN


The main function of the VPN mode include:

  • to ensure confidentiality when working on the network. Privacy protection has become increasingly important in recent years due to the increased incidence of theft of private information. It is this feature that has contributed to the success of VPN in companies, as it provides a secure connection. In addition, it is this function that makes VPN an almost indispensable tool when connecting to the Internet in public places (airports, train stations, hotels, etc.).
  • The real IP address of the user turns out to be invisible, “hiding” behind a virtual relay. No one will know about your activity on the network, except for the VPN server itself.
  • the ability to change location. Some services on the Internet are directly linked to the geographic location appropriate to the IP address used to connect. By choosing a server abroad, we can outplay certain restrictions and use services that are not available by default in a particular country.

IPvanish or Nordvpn: what to choose?

NordVPN is considered to be the most technological VPN connection in the world. It uses dual encryption, which is the most secure option on the market today. The application currently has the largest number of servers (5000+ in 59 countries) of any VPN provider in existence.

Nord VPN has the following advantages:

  • Features of double traffic encryption, which maximizes anonymity,
  • Has the largest network of any large VPN
  • Refusal to register data and keep logs,
  • 6 devices can be connected at the same time;
  • Unlocks the most popular streaming services from abroad;
  • Provides consistently high speeds.

Speaking of privacy, it is worth mentioning that NordVPN can connect to the Tor network, so the client does not need to install any specialized software of this type.

IPVanish is often touted as a top-tier VPN. It is an easy online privacy solution. The program is suitable for all operating systems and has no restrictions on the amount of traffic consumed.  It offers good value for money with 10 concurrent connections and an impressive array of servers, as well as unique features such as the automatic cyclic transmission of IP addresses.

Advantages of the IPVanishVPN service:

  • Own network, applications, and servers;
  • Lack of traffic logs;
  • More than 1000 anonymous VPNs in 60 countries;
  • Strong encryption process;
  • Streaming and P2P Allowed

The service has its own 1st level network, which provides a high level of protection. IPVanish has 25,000 IP addresses, thus it is impossible to track any individual user.