What is the Best Free VPN for Torrenting?

Torrenters uses VPN to stay online and hide their download history and keep secret what they put on the Internet, but not all VPNs are suitable for BitTorrent. Many of them are too slow and will result in buffering. Some do not work with the torrent. Some of them do not provide sufficient protection against information leaks, and thus, you cannot be completely sure that you will not be held responsible for copyright infringement. This means that your real IP address can be revealed to many prying eyes. Other VPNs log activity, and information that can be used to track specific users. If you really want to stay secure and maintain confidentiality while using a torrent, make sure your VPN is working properly.

What is the best VPN for the torrent?

To determine the best VPN for torrents you need to determine the criteria by which they can be identified. Torrents and file sharing P2P (peer-to-peer network) need, first of all, privacy, the security of transmitted data and high download speed. Based on this, the following criteria should be used to evaluate each P2P VPN:

  • Security
  • Logging policy
  • Bandwidth limit
  • Speed
  • Common IPs

So, let’s look at the list of the best VPNs, which are great for working with torrents. We counted the top 5 best VPN services for torrents.


Hide.me is one of the fastest services to circumvent a ban on the Internet. The program is available for any device, including iPhone and Android. You can purchase both paid and free versions. If we talk about the free version, this package is somewhat limited in terms of features:

  • one account is only available for 1 device
  • no protocol support OpenVPN
  • 3 servers available for connection
  • The user receives only 2 GB per month

However, despite its limitations, VPN services support other protocols: PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and IPSec. Of course, 3 servers are not so much anymore, but on the other hand, Hide.me provides the ability to work with torrent files without problems, even in free mode.


This is a great option for downloading volume torrent files. This program is also available in a free version, but here, as usual, there are limitations in the feature:

  • 11 servers
  • reduced speed
  • 10 GB per month

On the other hand, there is an unlimited number of connections and access to torrent resources.


Given that we are only interested in a free subscription, we are considering this option of this VPN application. ProXPN provides the user with the following free options:

  • connection speed 300 KB / s
  • one single server located in Miami, USA

Of course, this is not the best option for free connections, but for not having an alternative is quite suitable for downloading torrents.

Security kiss

We can say that this is one of the best options for using VPN for torrents. Unlike its previous “colleagues”, Security Kiss provides the user with options such as:

  • protocol support OpenVPN
  • 300 MB data per day
  • 4 servers to connect

The free mode of this VPN does not allow using it for downloading heavy files, but it is quite useful for light files: songs, apk, short videos, etc.


The best of the best, the most famous VPN, which fully manifests itself for paid services. Nevertheless, the trial period mode, with the possibility of a refund, can be useful for the user and help him with downloading torrent files:

  • Over 5,200 servers in 60 countries
  • Just install and use

This is the most recommended service for working with torrents, even though it is paid.